How to make upma in a Microwave?

I was prodigiously bored yesterday evening and wanted to do something instead of just idling over a TV show. I was thinking of all the possible options like decorating the house with something, cleaning, shopping and so on. My mind was too reluctant to go out. Eureka! I decided what I am going to do. It was to cook something in a Microwave oven that was lying untouched for the past two months since it was bought. The reason being, I don’t know how to operate the Oven.

Now the activity being decided I had to put an extra effort to learn the basic operation of the Oven. I took out the manual and read about timer, power knob, and etcetera, and was finally comfortable with switching on the equipment and setting right temperature and time. That’s it! I know how to make an Oven work. Now I need to know how to cook.

As it was the first time, I was not willing to take a deep plunge in the unknown territory. So I bought a MTR Upma Ready Mix. This is the easiest stuff to get my hands at. The MTR packet itself had the recipe. Now all that I got to do was to keep the mix in the oven, set the timer and mix it. Life seems to be easy. I managed to follow the recipe and yippee, my first dish in an Oven was ready after ten minutes.

The Recipe:

  1. Take 1 cup of MTR Upma Ready mix and cook it on High for a minute. This will fry the suji.
  2. Add 2 cups of Water to the above, mix it well and cook on High for 4 minutes
  3. Add 2 tsp of Ghee or Refined vegetable/ Sunflower oil , mix it well and cook it on high for another 3 minutes.

The Upma is ready. You can add curry leaves for taste and décor.

Happy Cooking !

6 thoughts on “How to make upma in a Microwave?

  1. upma in an oven? how was it to taste? neway, if u have blogged abt it, it shud ve been gud, thanks to MTR! ;). enaku?

  2. Hi Sam,

    Great to know you made an effort to cook. Oven was a good start but, buddy learn also to cook without the Oven………….. on a stove.

    R U ready for the challenge !

  3. @stella

    10x for the comments.
    I can cook better in a stove than a oven :). I am comfortable with that (leave alone cleaning the utensils).

  4. ha ha ha…I agree..we simply dont try half the things and if we do-it’s a funny experience and an article at the blog.Hey!!!After reading your blog I feel like a chef!!

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