Informatica World 2008

Informatica World is a conference hosted by Informatica every year attended by our Partners and customers. This year the conference was held at Las Vegas from Jun 3 to Jun 5. The conference was a huge success with over 1300 attendees. There were number of key note presentations, hands-on labs and some innovation awards presented to our clients who have effectively used our software to implement Data Integration & Data Quality. Few announcements were also made: Launch of the new version of our product Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 & launch of our company website in a new look. Live blogs from the conference was available which was updated promptly. But yeah, the thing that was most talked about this conference is the release of this short-length video which shows the importance of the “trusted data” in a lighthearted way.

Few Links:

* Informatica Website
* Informatica Blogs
* Blogs from Informatica World 2008

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