Pona Varusham, Intha Neram – a funny Forward

I got this small story as a forward. Enjoyed reading this and so posted it here.


Year 2007

He and She are engaged. Both are working in Bangalore , while their parents are at Chennai. They are going by the same train to Chennai. Incidentally, the first time they are traveling together. Time 10:00 PM.

She: Ivlo seekram station vandaachu. Naan usual aa 10.45 train kku, 10.30 kku dhaan varuven
He: Naan direct aa cantonment la dhaan eruven
She: He he
He: Seri adha vidu. Water bottle vaangindu varen
She: Seri
He comes back in 2 minutes, catching his breath
She: Yaen ippadi odi vare? Porumaya varalaam la?
He: Illai ma. Nee thaniya irukke illa. Adhaan
She: Aiyoo Idhaan first time naan yaar koodayavadhu poren. Usually naan thaniya dhaan varuven
He: Hmmmm
She: Seri train la yeralaam vaa
They get into the train
She: Side upper, side lower aa book panne?
He: Aaamam. So that we can talk for sometime. Matha berth la yerina udane ellarum thoongiduvaanga
She: Adhuvum seri dhaan
Train starts
She: Adutha varusham, idhe neram we will be going to Chennai for our first pongal after marriage
He holds her hand tightly, and gives her one Cadburys temptation chocolate
She: So sweet.
She splits the chocolate into smaller bits, and feeds him the first bit
He: You know what? Naan nenachi kooda paakale. That I will fall head over heels for someone.
She: Same here da
By this time, almost all passengers are asleep. And someone tells He to talk slowly since he is too loud
He: vaa. Door kitta polaam
He and she are the door. He opens the door, and they sit at the steps
She: Yappa. Kulurarudhu.
He puts his hand over she’s shoulder. After some sweet nothings for some 1 hr, they get in and sleep(Ofcourse at their respective berths)

Year 2008

He and She are married for 9 months by now. He and she get into the train.

She: Endha berth?
He: Rendume upper berth. No disturbance
She: Hmmmm
He: Seri. Thanni bottle kodu
She: Station la vaangikalaam nu kelambachaye sonnen la
He: Munnadiye solla vendiyadhu dhaane! Ippo paar train kelamba innum 5 nimisham dhaan irukku
She: masa masa nnu pesinda irundha andha 5 nimisham kooda irukaadhu
He: cha!
He runs and gets the water bottle, just when the train starts
She yawns and says
She: Seri. Naan thoonga poren.
He: Ok
After the TTR checks the tickets, he also gets into his berth and tries to sleep. He is not able to sleep after a while, due to some conversation happening below.
He turns towards the couple in the side-upper and side-lower berth
He: Excuse me. If you don’t mind, konjam medhuva pesareengaLa. We all are sleeping here!
The side-upper, side lower couple walk towards the door

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