My embarrassing experience with the transgender beggars

I sprung onto my feet by a sudden clap of the thunder. I was addled by the sound of a thunder at this time of year. Everything was blank still. As I was gaining my senses, I understood that what I heard was not a thunder but from an old man who was roaring.. errr.. snoring. This is the one of the things that I hate in the train travel. I sometimes feel like grabbing hold of their collar and shout “Damn! You misunderstood the phrase ‘Sound Sleep’. This is not it.” But they are not doing it by their will. It all happens naturally. I looked at my watch. It was 06.15 AM. Another 75 minutes to reach Chennai. This train starts and reaches later than other trains from Bangalore to Chennai.

I looked up to check if any of the other two friends who were travelling with me is awake in vain. They were deep asleep. I reminded myself to ask them for change while leaving as all I had was 100 rs and 500 rs notes. I searched my purse and pocket to see if I can garner 5 rs so that I could get a coffee. I was unlucky. I didnt have a single coin. I sighed and went to the vacant Side lower berth so that I can look out through the Window. Train passed through numerous hamlets and suburbs that were silent. The day has not begun for them yet. The train slowed down its pace and slithered into the Perambur station and halted. I eased a bit. Only two more stations. The train took on like a snake moving out of its hole.

Most of the people in the bogie were still asleep. I started looking out again through the Window. Suddenly I heard claps. I knew where it came from. Shemales on board begging to make a living out of it. I turned back to watch them. I wondered if they were shemales or eunuchs. They looked more like males in a disguise of Shemales. And they were huge. I was startled as they neared me. I was cornered in the side lower berth. They were loud and rude as they asked for money. I remembered that I did not have a change. Bad luck! I denied giving them money but they were not leaving me. So I thought of getting some change from my other two friends who were sleeping. I woke them up and asked for a change, but they did not have too. They quickly continued with their sleep. The Shemales started nagging them for the money too. But they were safer in the Upper berth and shouted at them and went back to sleep.

The shemales got irriated and all their rage was against me now. They asked me for 50 rs now. I said i dont have and asked them to move away. But they were not leaving. They were angry. All of a sudden one of them shouted, “kiss him”. I was like, What? Kiss? Yuck. I turned my head away and was struggling hard not to be kissed. The old man in the lower berth woke up due to all the drama that is happening. He was just watching. I wished he took out some 10 rs and sent the shemales away. But he was more concerned about the money and he was watching what was happening. I went and sat hear him in a small hope that the shemales will leave me and nag the oldie. But unfortunately, they were not interested. One of them attempted to raise her skirt up and it was an disgusting act. The old man started shouting “Oh my god! no no dont do this”. I looked at him and thought “why dont you give some money to them instead of shouting uselessly like this”. He was shouting and the shemales were getting ruder. I wanted this show no more and wanted to end it at any cost. So took out my purse and showed them a 100 rs note. They took it, blessed me and went away. I was in a shock and my body was trembling for another couple of hours. I told what happened to my other two friends. They were laughing their lungs out. I couldn’t help. Its me who experienced this and not they. I would have laughed like this if this happened to any one of them. So no point in worrying about it.

This was the most embrassing situation I have undergone ever. From then on, I am making sure that I have some change with me even if I do not have the tickets to travel. This incident was broadcasted free of charge by my friends and in no time i became (in)famous.

5 thoughts on “My embarrassing experience with the transgender beggars

  1. ha ha ha ha..they were lucky enough not to kiss you..ha ha ha ha..yenna da do things happen to u alone??

  2. SAM…………….. U missed the kiss buddy:-)

    y did you expect the others to help you when you know its you who has to take care of yourself. Ultimately this is what happened! People kept lookin at you and have had a gala time. I missed being one of the friends traveling with you who had great time 🙂 (just kidding)

  3. humor at somebody else’s expense is always worth remembering. boy, you did get yourself in a pickle didn’t you! i rumble with laughter and do hope i am excused.
    honestly you braved it out there.A kiss would have sealed it!
    eewww, gross how did you land yourself in that situation?

  4. I am not alone.. 🙂 Most recently I saw some of them forcing a man in a car(!!!!) to give 500.. what kinda stupid he is to come out of car and get in soup..

    Thanks people for your comments.. 🙂

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