Greeneries of Kerala, Pollachi

These pics were taken an year back by me using my friend’s Sony DSC-H5 digicam. The trip was awesome.

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3 thoughts on “Greeneries of Kerala, Pollachi

  1. Been there.. felt that 🙂
    My grandparents stay at Pollachi and I go there so very often.. This particular stretch of the road from Pollachi to Azhiyaar is amazing.. Also, the stretch from the Dam to Monkey Falls.. a shutterbug’s delight..
    Loved the pic of the coconut trees with the hills in the background..

  2. Yup. It was awesome. That too after dwelling in Chennai and bangalore for a long time, you would enjoy the greens.

  3. hey there
    can any one tell me how to get to pollachi from bangalore , where to stay and what is the best season to be there??

    really , really want to go there

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