Three wishes

Mr.X was a avaricious fellow who heard that God granted three wishes to his neighbour Mr.Y.  Mr. Y was good in nature. As any other good person, he was also poor. He was a firm believer of God and so he prayed to God to solve out his issues. God happily granted him three wishes which turned him from a pauper to a millionaire.

Mr.X decided to pray God and get his three wishes. Hoping that God would grant his wishes, he carefully planned his wishes. Being Greedy that he is, he was not happy with just three wishes. He thought much about how can he can utilize this oppurtunity to the maximum. After all the brainstormings, he finalized on what his wishes would be.

Mr.X prayed to God and God made his presence before him.

“Mr. X. I am pleased with your prayers. I will grant you three wishes. Go ahead and ask them! What is your first wish? ”

“God! Grant me a Mercedes car”.

“Are you sure it is enough? Do you want to ask anything else?”

“No. It is enough” . Mr.X has had other plans. He was sure he can get the maximum through his final wish.

“Okay! Take this envelope. Once you open this, your wish will be granted. Now you can go ahead and ask your second wish”

“God! Grant me a beautiful house near the river.”

“Okay! Take this envelope. Once you open this, your wish will be granted. Now, what’s  your third wish?”

Mr.X asked “God! Grant me three more wishes”. He was grinning. Obviously, he has fooled the god. God was startled. But He cannot take back his words.

“I am shocked by your third wish! Do you mind asking any thing else?”

“No, God! You promised. Grant me three more wishes”

“Alright! Take this. When you open it, your third wish will come true”.  God granted the third envelope.

The God vanished.

Mr.X returned home jubilantly. He carefully opened the first envelope.  Poof! He was granted with a Mercedes. He was happy.  He then went on to open the second envelope. Poof! He was granted a house near the river. He was happy again.

Now it was time to open his lottery. The third envelope. He opened the third envelope with a wide grin, hoping to see God again. Poof! God didn’t turn up. There was a small piece of paper in the envelope on which something was written. He started reading it and was shocked! It was written

” Three more wishes as per your request.
1. Good morning !
2. Good Afternoon !
3. Good Night ! ”

What would be your wishes?

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