NewYork Nagaram Translation

I was utterly bored this Saturday and was browsing through the videos in youtube. I came across my favorite ‘NewYork Nagaram’ song composed and sung by the ‘Mozart of Madras’ AR Rahman for the movie ‘Sillunu Oru Kadhal’.  I thought why cant I try to translate this to English. I tried my best to and below is the output. Some parts might feel like Translation and some like transliteration. Read it at your own risk  🙂 .

First the video, and then the translation.

When the NewYork city was sleeping,
Solitude got dense;
Mist was enveloping.
Getting off from the ship,
Wind was strolling on the land.
Am I a candle
Crying in a glass cage?
Is it loneliness?
Or is it a martyrdom?

You are not here to lull me with your words;
You are not here to offer me a morning coffee with a kiss;
You are not here to blow out the dust falling in my eyes;
You are not here to calm my baffling mind;
I am here and you are there,
Why does this minutes of separation fell like years?
‘Sky is here and blue is there’ –
Have we become an analogy for this phrase? …

My pen would write your name
A hundred times in diary,
Was your name made of honey ?!
For ants swarm your name after it has been written.
Earth is chill;
Why this freezing winter turned into a summer at this moment?
Come my Dear!
Even the hot lava glaciates into an ice
If you are near….

2 thoughts on “NewYork Nagaram Translation

  1. kalakitte po .. perfect day to post dis blog brother 🙂

    keep blogging til glory ..


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