What do you think about Frogs?

I was scanning the TV channels the other day and my finger was fast to work on the CH+ button than my mind could recognize what was being played on the channel. TV shows are becoming stereotypical and so soporific these days. Not motivated enough to step out, I was thinking of doing something interesting without getting out of my chair. I casually recollected a game/exercise I read once somewhere which when practiced regularly is supposed to increase your creativity/writing skills. The game is simple. Write something about the first thing that you get in your mind until you dont have anymore. Determined to do this exercise, I now was on the hunt for the “thing” that i need to write about. Where to get it? Can I choose something of my convenience? No. I decided to scan the channels and the first thing that would grab my attention would be the subject of my exercise. And alas! it was frog. Poor frogs, they are part of every test and exercise – including this one.

Alright here are the thoughts that I got:

– Frogs are amphibians: They can live equally well both on water and land. Same with people. They have to cope up with both the professional and personal life. But just like how frogs can’t live only on water or land, people cant concentrate only on personal or on professional world. They got to amphibians.

– Frogs jump: In a way, S/w professionals or even politicians are frogs. They just jump from one org/party to the other. But why do frogs jump? Will they jump if they get all it wants in the place where it is sitting – within the distance reachable by its tongue? I hope not. When a professional gets what he wanted in the current org he wouldn’t probably jump. Again what he wants is unique and could not be standardized. So he jumps to other places where thinks or hears better suits him.

– Frogs croak loud to attract mates: Just like how some people boast to get others’ attention and come up in life. Even though one has enough skills, there needs to be proper level of self-advertisement in order to improve visibility in professional life The same thing does not apply to personal life. Boasting is considered as the worst trait. It is all dependent on the place and the plight.

On the second thought, why do frogs croak? To attract mates? Do all frogs croaking at the same time get the mates? no. Only the one whose croak is loud enough to be heard by a female and is sweet enough for that female. Its a kind of competition there. So Croaking is not just shouting but exhibition of strong character and strength. May be it portrays muscularity or strength.

All the female frogs which hear this male’s croak does not become its mate. Only the frog which is interested becomes. This behaves just like radio transmission. A program in radio can be transmitted to anyone and any one may receive it but only interested people stay tuned to the channel.

– Hind part of the frogs stay low: This eases the frog to jump forward and move great distance. Same way, people have to be humble. This would push them to great height in their lives.

– Kinds of frogs: There are numerous species of frogs. Each with their own characteristics. People differ in their characteristic and behavior depending upon the environment they grow in.

– Frogs are green: Frogs are of different colors. But yet, the word frog immediately brings into picture the color “green”. Why? Stereotyped. Most of the people’s thinking tends to be stereotypical and this hinders creativity.

– Some frogs are poisonous: One has to be careful with these frogs, just like how we have to be careful with few people. There both harmless as well harmful persons.

Further, I have seen in movies that frogs hold poison in their skin. How does this help? It does not spit poison. Does it prevent other predators from eating them? If yes, how do the predators sense there is a poison? If no, does the predator die after eating this frog? Whats the point? both are dead anyway? how does it help? think, think.

– Frog jumps. Can any automobile be designed using this concept? What will happen if we see automobiles that jump in a city? It would be confusing. And accidents. Surely there would be causalities. You don’t want an automobile to jump right on your head. But if such an automobile is devised we may use springs for the movement and may reduce the gas consumption.

– Frogs have long tongue: The insects just stick to the tongue. can we designing a house-cleaning system based on this? Think of a sticky material that reaches the top of the ceiling or a cornet or into the rat holes and picks the dirt with that? Would that be fun?

– Frogs are used in labs: Frogs are used widely for testing in labs? Why frogs? why not lion? Because they are not aggressive enough? Should one be aggressive so as to prevent others from taking advantage of?

Lastly, you would have known about the Frog prince story. Why was Frog chosen? Is it because they are ugly? Why frogs are considered ugly?

Phew! That was long. I ran out of ideas. Please pitch in and add some points in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “What do you think about Frogs?

  1. “FROGZ”

    I wonder Hollywood didn’t notice this creature to make a movie out of it.
    They can be innocent, they can attack its prey in cluster only if their DNA is tampered by some MAD scientist in US MILITARY Research LABS. In d end these Genetically morphed frogz can kill that scientist too. Coming to the cast we can hav a heroine and her kid n a small room and hero usually a “cop” residing in a small village totally cut off from the main land.
    Hey Mr.Spielberg am making ur job easier.
    Soon we have “Thavukalai’s Revenge” n vijay TV Too!!.

    Coming to ur blog yes frogs are funny and intelligent too!!
    Some researchers are studying its propeller action to make use in NASA ROCKET. Dont ask will they make rockets jump!!

    About frogs used in LABS. i guess No God has taken any avatar in FROG so dat gave Lab ppl their extra license to explore their internal structures.

    Medically speaking, frogs have well developed digestive and nervous system which mimics that of normal human’s!! We should not also forget all these modern day pregnancy tests is possible only coz of Frogs. Neurologists found neuro transmission is like electrical transmission after observing frogs. so many ways we have to thank FROGZ!!

    PPL n many countries consume FROGS! dont puke plz read following story to knw what happening in India at famous High Class Vegetarian Hotel.

    Last month my frnd found a cockroach in sambhar at Hotel Saravana Bhavan (T.nagar High Class vegetarian hotel). i don’t knw whats in chefs mind when he added roaches n sambhar was it protein supplement?? or wanna show his dissent for no-hike! must ask him!

    If Food authorities at kancheepuram found “PUNAAKU”(Cow Food) n sambhar and sealed that HSB there. ppl in Chennai still throng dat hotel to have taste of Ponnaku sambhar / Roach sambhar!!

  2. Poison Frog:
    poison in the skin of a frog could lead to a painkiller that may be stronger than morphine but without morphine’s side-effects.

    Desert Frog:
    There are frogs living in desert. They retain water for more than 10 days!!
    They bloat themselves to preserve water.

  3. VK, amazing info. Forgot that a doc is on the stroll 🙂
    Frog concepts are there in the movies man, remember that person in Magneto’s group?
    Abt HSB– yuck, that sucks. but once or twice it may happen..cockroach.. but not the punnaku.. that sux.

  4. that was some deep thinking. nice use of metaphors there. so all in all its good work with some deep insights. that’s one of the pleasures of writing isn’t it you can get so observational and curious about things around you, which you would otherwise not have the mind to think of. and a lot of your questions need answering so i’m gonna rack my brains to get some.

  5. thanks hunnix. yeah, brainstorm..
    omg.. so much of errors in my post. I should develop the habit of proof-reading before publishing a post. Sorry guys!

  6. Nice one Sadu. You certainly have a debug perspective! Well, first thing that striked me when I thaught about frogs was my 11th Bio Lab, where it was poorly dipped in the preservative solution to excersice our knife skillz! Luckily we did not have to do that.

    The secong thing was the fairy tails where prince will metamorphosize to a FROG and the luck frog gets the kiss of the princess!

  7. Awesome post.

    Frogs are slimy? So? – I dont know . But I hate them because they are slimy.
    Small frogs are energetic compared to older ones.Just like human beings 😀
    When I look at them, they give this ‘I dont care nature’.

    Loved this exercise post.Very creative indeed.

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