What’s up with them?

Knock! Knock! Somebody at my door. I went and opened the door to find two women and a kid. Eldest of them spoke, ‘this kid wanted to see your kid so we brought him along’. Thought they could be one of our neighbors whom my wife could have interacted with and waited for my wife to come. From their conversation I understood that the eldest who spoke initially is the house-maid newly appointed by our apartment owners.

The other one kept on asking if we ourselves do our house-hold chores. We nodded and she asked what about washing clothes. We pointed her towards our washing machine. It didn’t strike me that she is actually looking us as a lead for a new job. She never asked that directly and they made a abrupt exit.

Why didn’t they ask directly? Why were they hesitant? Are they ashamed to ask? I have seen many people asking directly and in fact they are more comfortable in that. Did these two recently fall into a situation of working as house-maids to keep their stoves burning? Not sure. Not bothered either.

The other thing that I noticed was their technique to strike a rapport – The kid. They came in saying that their kid wanted to see our kid. But it was obvious enough that their kid was more interested in running outside rather than seeing the baby. Only after they went I realized that the kid was just an ice-breaker. They even bought a biscuit pack for my kid, which we politely refused to accept.


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