Airtel Broadband

I had a very bad time in getting a new Airtel broadband connection. After a week of shuttling to their office and repeated explanation about how urgent it is for me, I got to know that I have to wait till an existing customer cancels the connection (as if it is a train ticket) or I would be refunded. I opted for the latter as I could not wait any more. I posted about my agony in the consumer complaint forum. Below is the link:



3 thoughts on “Airtel Broadband

  1. Hey sorry to comment on ur post without knowing u….. but actually i had reached here when I googled about Sathyam cinemas…. I wanted to know wether the sathyam cinemas have the couple seats option available in any of their screens….Do reply wen u come across in leisure time….

  2. Hey Jagadish,

    not a problem at all. Yes they do have couple seats. Santham and Studio-5 has it for sure. Sathyam does not have. I am not sure about the rest of the screens. Have fun! You may check online. .


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