One Night!!

He and she were engrossed in watching television in the hall. It was 11.30 pm. The whole area was dark and silent as majority of the families had slipped to a deep sleep. All the lights were switched off in his flat and it was partially illuminated by the light emitted from the television.  As she casually turned, she saw the body move in the bedroom. Her reaction changed; she was tensed and slowly touched his shoulder and pointed him towards the bedroom. His reaction changed too and he kept his finger over his lips and signaled her to be silent. He signaled her to tip-toe into the kitchen and to turn the gas cylinder off.  He positioned himself in a place from where he can monitor the moving figure in the bedroom.  She signaled him to secure the front door.  He did so without any noise. There was total silence. He then signaled her to switch the television off so that the light is cut off. She did so carefully. There was no other go; they have to go into the bedroom now.  She held his shoulder and whispered in his ears –“Let us take the quilt with us”. They grabbed the quilt from the hall and slowly moved in the dark, watching each step, towards the bedroom. They slipped into the bedroom through the door that was half-closed. They still could see the body moving but very lightly. She climbed the bed, went close to the figure, hugged and made sure she is not waking up. He was smiling. They have been behaving like secret agents in operation since the birth of their daughter few months ago. The last thing they want is to wake her up.  🙂

6 thoughts on “One Night!!

  1. Gud one dude…dunno wen i am gng to be put into this kinda situation 🙂 not soon, hopefully !!!

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