Upma – yet again!

The creative part of me was fallow past few weeks. I am back here to just light the spark and see if it spreads the fire or dies off as a spark.  Okay now, stop getting irritated and move on to the content.  But do understand that the first paragraph of any blog is like Vijay’s punch dialogues before the fight scenes. They are inevitable. 😉

Too bored to look for new topics, I am revisiting my old post “First attempt with a  Microwave Oven” with a different style. How to make upma in oven? It’s quite difficult. Read on!

The Recipe:

  1. Oru cup MTR upma ready mix eduthu microwave high-la oru nimisham cook pannunga. Ipadi panrathala ravai nalla varupadum; upma nallaa varum
  2. 2 cup vellam melparanjavayil cherthu, nallavannam elakki, 4 minute neram thei high vekkuka…
  3. rendu tsp nei kani, refined kuragaiyalu leka sun flower nune kani vesi baga kalapandi
  4. high nalli innu muru nimsha adige madu

Anthe!  Upma ready. App  Karri Patta add kar sakte ho, swaad or sughand ke liye.  Now you can serve the hot upma to your guests.

Now all you unmarried souls, this is for you. This is the effect of watching cookery programs in all possible languages.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Upma – yet again!

  1. Ena kodumai saravanan sir…. Ipadi elam upma ready panna valzhkai ena aagum… Good write up… Also try adding malayalam and marvadi to the upma may taste good 😛

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