Tale of a househunting!

“You okay for tomorrow?”


“What time?”

“9:30 – 10:00?”

“Fine. Call me.”


Our ManiRatnamish conversation ended with that. As many fellow Bangalore IT employees, we too decided to invest in an apartment.  Two days back we had seen few of apartments in CV Raman nagar, Kaggadasapura and LB Shastri Nagar.  The next day we planned to visit a famous  apartment near Marthahalli.

Next day.

“You ready?”


“Noted the address? ?”

“Here is the map. Remember the route – outer ring road, left turn opposite more, second right and near DRDO Phase II”


We were on the way to the place.  My friend spoke

“We should have called the builder. I am not sure if they have any apartment that is not booked yet”

“What? I thought you checked that first”


“It’s okay. We have started. Let us go and check it out”


After few minutes…

“There is ‘More’. But where is the left that we have to take? All I see is a mud road”

“Let’s go little further and check it out”

“Here is the left. Let us ask somebody where DRDO Phase II is”

The person we enquired with guided us to the main road through half a kilometer of crooked road that was narrow enough to let only one bike. After reaching the main road, we wished to confirm the route and asked a bystander who guided us further straight in the road.  By now we had a hunch that we lost the route. But we kept going on and stopped by an auto stand to enquire about the flat. They seemed to be unaware of such a flat and suddenly one of them responded:

“I think I know it. Go straight, take a right after the railway crossing and keep going straight. You will reach a cross road and the apartment is there”

Ah! Finally some ray of hope. We thanked and we went there. The boards in the shops said “Kaggadasapura main road”. We were sure that we were not heading to the original place we intended to go but anyhow wanted to check the apartment that the auto driver mentioned about.

“This is the place he told”

“Don’t you feel this place is familiar?”

“Yeah, looks like it”

“Don’t you recognize the place?”

“No. Do you?”

“Yeah, it is the same place that we visited two days back. Now we have reached through the other side. Instead of finding a new flat, we found a new route! “


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