Some stuffs I hate

I am not finding anything interesting to post these days. I thought – why not post things that are disinteresting. Actually, this post is about the things that I hate. They are not in any ranking order. They are just 5 things that came to my mind immediately when I said the word ‘Hate’.

Eunuchs at the signals:

They somehow are making it to my list now and then. I do not hate the girly them who listen to you when you say you won’t help them make their living out of begging. It’s the macho types that you get to see most of the times at the traffic signals trying to bully you into paying money. They explode expletives and demoralize your family. Readers from outside India (if any at all), please use google to find about this discomfort rather than finding about the solar system.

Fake giggles:

I can’t tell enough of how much I hate the needless, useless and fake giggles that one (or a group mostly) throw up (yeah, you read it right! I prefer to use that word here) trying to impress the superior. Be it at a social get-together or work or college or a family function you find a bunch of them. Women mostly giggle and men mostly LOL to the powerful person’s poor jokes. Some of them don’t even qualify for a joke, let alone poorer one. To stay cool in such occasions, I usually divert my attention to interesting things like looking at the sky, watching a spider spin the web or follow a fly’s trail.

Commodes that are not flushed:

Nobody likes it. I need not explain.

Don’t bargain for ten Rupees, sir! :

This is by far the most used phrase by auto drivers in the metropolitan cities. When you hear it first time, you won’t mind. Second time no. Third time, No. But if you keep on hearing every single time you try to hire an auto you get pissed off. When the drivers say it, they somehow make it sound like Money is growing on trees at the back of our rented house and they are the only class of work who work hard to earn money and whose pay is not justified. Every single rupee is out of my work and I will mind it. Auto drivers need not pay tax, but i have to. Doing a physical work, eating, drinking and sleeping is easy. Sitting at the desk working for long hours, we are likely to get bloated, get cholesterol and get an heart attack. We spend lakhs later for the medicine. White collar job is not that easy mate. You risk your life and work hard only to realize at the end of your service that what you had imagined as a life was not even close to the real life that you ever wanted. That’s a costly mistake/sacrifice i would say. So, don’t ask me not to mind my ten rupees again!


How in the world can you manipulate someone for your selfish motives? But manipulators are prevalent in every aspect of life and are inevitable. The sooner you identify one, the better chances of not getting caught in the loop. I always wonder, if a manipulator has sublimed his/her skills into something productive rather than manipulation this world would have been a better place. There sure should be transparency in every level. Openness needs to be encouraged.

Now, I will stop this post with an assurance that I will find better things to post about next time. Thanks for wasting your time here!  😉

8 thoughts on “Some stuffs I hate

  1. Those auto drives damn well not take techies for granted!!!(anyone for that matter) We too slog our asses out to earn money. My hate list includes all the 5 up there 🙂 Good one Sada!!! Keep em coming

  2. nice one.. again! btw did you fill out the’ lil known fact” ? not about your hate-list but about your blogging talent.
    I cannnot agree more on # 5 there but I liked “we are likely to get bloated, get cholesterol and get an heart attack. We spend lakhs later for the medicine. White collar job is not that easy mate”.
    keep writing!

  3. Thanks, I agree. Only because of bitterness we enjoy sweetness though. And seriously, you want to read about the commode ?.. i presume what you want to read is about the design, material, etc., and not what i am implied there. The very thinking of it grosses me out 🙂

  4. I wish to keep that talent ( as you call it 🙂 ) a little known fact only. 🙂 Thanks.

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