Message from a Belly Dancer

Menara Morocco – that’s the place we went for team dinner yesterday.  The Moroccan food was served in a traditional way that started with washing hands in Rose water. The meal was good and had good veggie options. The highlight of the evening though was the Belly Dancing.  An artist performed belly dancing to the food-tapping Afro-Asian numbers.

Thinking about the dance, she was not just dancing but actually sending some serious messages to the crowd.  (Yeah, I am now entering the second stage of bloggers. Trying to find everything out of anything and nothing!  😉 . It is like the new camera owners who take picture of all the non-living things in a hope of giving life to them as in Chinese folk tale. ) These are some of the things I was able to get (actually, process and extract) from the Belly Dancing event.


I am not talking about the focus that people were having on the artist here. The artist came exactly at 8:00 and she exactly stopped at 8:30 and she was good in what she was doing.  You come, do your job and then you go.


The artist was gliding around all the corners and engaging people. She maintained eye contact, she was smiling throughout and she picked people and asked them to dance with her.  One has to constantly interact and engage with peers (goal here is not to entertain but to engage. So there is no need to do a belly dance!)

Don’t Care:

The artist was dancing and there were so many jokes going around, everybody laughing and whistling. Some people may not be watching her performance too. But she kept dancing. That’s what it is. You do it for yourselves.  You like it, you value it, and you do it. Don’t care about what others will be thinking about it.  That reminds me of two quotes:

“Don’t care about what others may be thinking about you for they might be busy thinking what others think about them”

 “First they ignore you, then laugh at you, then they fight you, then they follow” – Mahatma Gandhi

Do not care too much about what others will think about you. At any given time, there will be as many people hating you as so many people liking you; or even more.  Nobody can please everyone in this world. Do you job, and keep going.


Needless to say, the artist was so skillful in what she was doing. She may not be as good in other things like Speaking or gardening. But she did dance well. Choose your area of interest and work until you are an expert in that and then keep working.


This is my favorite. She came, she danced, and she went away.  But when she danced all people were watching only her. People were talking about her for a long time after she left and even the next day. That’s the kind of impact that your work should have.  It does not matter how long your work on something. You might be only working only for a shorter time. But when you work or when you leave, make sure you leave a footprint (of course, in a positive way).

Well, that’s about it.



This  post is the effect of reading too much of Dale Carnegie, Robin Sharma, Steven Covey, Shiv Khera, Zig Ziglar etc.,. If you feel suffocated after reading this post, please open the window and get some fresh air and carry on with whatever you were doing earlier.


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