Trimming FB Friends list

I am trimming the Facebook friends lists. Yes, you read it right! I am trimming it.  Just like a new husband trying to impress his wife, we try to impress others by adding more friends than they can think we could have. Result: Bloated friends list. You add everybody – Your real friends, their friends, your colleagues, their friends,their girl friends, their dogs and their bitches. The problem, you see, you are losing the whole point of networking. Unless you are marketing some product, what is the point in adding everybody in the facebook?

If you use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, only add them. If you are using Facebook to connect with your collegues only add those who you know. Dont add every single of the thousands of the employees of your company. After a while neither of you dont know why you added each other and get a dilemma of whether to remove that person or not. Like I have been debating so long.

I am removing you from my friends list if you fall under one or more of the categories below:

1.  If we have not met even once and neither of us add any value to one other professionally.
2.  If you have not liked or commented on any of my posts for the past one year. At the least, you should have wished me on my birthday (which is impossible because I have not exposed it on my profile)
3.  If you keep liking & commenting on every single post of mine. That is Stalking!
4.  If you are my colleague and I know other ways of keeping in touch with you, like LinkedIn.
5.  If you are my friend and if you don’t care to reply to my messages on your wall.
6.  If you keep tagging me in the posts not related to me. I don’t give a damn about the stray pig stuck in a wall creek when you went out on a trip. Period.

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