My Submission for CSK Fan blog competition

The excitement had already set in as the day dawned. It was IPL 5 match between RCB and CSK that evening. The match between RCB and CSK for the people living in Bangalore is like a mini version of India Vs Pakistan match, only more sportive and harmless. Even better, we were around 450 people from our corporate to view this match. The excitement tripled around lunch time.

The Bangalore weather was bad. It was raining. This kind of weather would have been welcomed and hailed on any other day but not on this day. With silent prayers to Lord Varuna, we reached the stadium 2 hours earlier to get a good position. We did manage to occupy a place where Raina or Gayle would hit a six easily. There were nearly as many fans of CSK as that of RCB. As the crowd increased so did the intensity of the rain. The match got delayed by an hour. RCB and CSK fans were in yelling spree each trying to out-yell the other.

There was a huge relief and happy uproar when the covers were removed and the coin was tossed. Everybody was happy to see the players doing warm up and practice. Enthusiasm was back in air. But short-lived. Just when the practice session was about to be over and the match was to begin, the rain god started showering his blessings. Very intense blessing, I must add. The grounds men were working hard to clear the water out of the ground even when Bollinger and the physio were racing against each other multiple times. We all waited for about 2 more hours in a hope of seeing at least a 5 over match. But rain didn’t stop and the match was called off. The ticket fee would be either refunded or can be exchanged for any other match that RCB plays at home. But any other match is not CSK Vs RCB.

At least, I was happy to see some of my favorite players from my favorite team CSK. With this drawn match, CSK is placed third in the points table not too far from the first. GO CSK!

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