A Nightmare

He was standing in the left corner of his balcony overlooking the river. Clad in shorts and Bahamas shirts he was looking at river busy with boats plying up and down the stream while relishing his morning coffee. The other bank of the river was lined up with sky scrapers. They looked beautiful while the sun was slowly unveiling its rays on the concrete jungle.  He noticed few eagles circling above a specific point in the other bank. He thought they might have found their breakfast. He then started browsing through the headlines of the newspaper. He quickly scanned through them.  Newspapers are a joke these days, he thought. They are biased towards political parties and business tycoons. They sensationalize ordinary stuffs not worthy of mentioning and give a corner box for what would be a great achievement. Newspapers carry more negativity than anything else in this world these days. He thought, even the sports page don’t talk about achievements any more. Rather, we can see whining columns of the retired sportsmen whose expectations about upcoming players have suddenly soared high. Allowing so many news channels to open up the shop resulted in competition which led to sensationalization, he thought.  He noticed more eagles now where he saw spotted them before.

He quickly went in for a chat with his managers from previous company who had visited his place. He always believed that they were the most amazing managers one could ever have. After a quick chat to know about their plans he went to the balcony again to pick up something and what he saw bothered him. The number of eagles seemed to have increased by huge number. He was wondering what happened in the other bank. All he could see from his balcony was that the boats near the other bank were hurrying out from that spot. The scream of the unrest birds around the place gave him creeps. As he watched the eagles which were now in thousands he couldn’t help but think about the movie ‘Bats’ and how the birds became violent. He shrugged off the thought with a smile which was short lived.

More and more eagles kept on chiming in from somewhere and now they started moving spirally. It looked like a tornado that moved upwards.  As they rose higher and higher, he could see a Boeing flying in towards the area. The spiral now suddenly moved up in unison and moved towards the Boeing. He froze in terror as he kept watching what was happening. It looked like the tornado of eagles is going to engulf the Boeing with ease.  As the Boeing came close by the eagles started getting hit by it. The pilots were watching in horror through the windscreen. More and more eagles getting hit and from the eyes of the eagles in windshield the pilots saw evil. They started preparing for emergency landing.  Some of the eagles hit the propeller and it got choked. The propellers were gone.

From the balcony he saw that the Boeing was dropping down fast. The captain and the co pilot were trying hard to control the fall and direct it towards the river. With only one propeller working, it was a humungous task and somehow they managed it.  He saw the plane hit the river and water splashing all over like a mini-tsunami.  The water almost reached his balcony level.  While the pilots were trying to stop the flight, it was still moving fast and was cutting through the electric cables. The live wires fell into the water and started electrocuting any living thing that came into contact with water.  He without any delay raised alarm, called up emergency numbers and cried to shutdown the electricity in that area. He then looked for wooden planks with which he could help people in his capacity. By this time the plane has come to halt the emergency exits opened and a inflated slide came out.  He was praying that no one should exit at this time and looked like the passengers were instructed so.  The eagles have somehow vanished now. They were only few flying above. People were running helter-skelter to help other people and some to watch the whole chaos.

In a haste to help, he turned around to pick something from his apartment when he was kicked hard in the stomach by someone. He fell down closing his eyes. When he woke up it was pitch dark. He was still in his room. It took him only few seconds for him to realize that the episode he had gone through was in fact a dream.  But he surely felt pain in his stomach. He could feel his toddler kid’s leg on his stomach who was smiling peacefully in sleep.

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