Interstellar Tribute: TIJP

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything – Plato

It would be only redundant if I talk about the importance of Music. In my opinion, if there is anything that the whole world will agree upon it would be music. The genre and the tastes differ of course, but the acceptance of Music itself is universal.

I listen to music throughout most of my work. I am a fan of Indian music. In Western, I am not too much into songs but I like to listen to background scores and theme music, especially Hans Zimmer’s. As somebody rightly said, God was in a very happy mood when He created Hans Zimmer.

The other pastime of mine is to find cover music videos of famous themes in YouTube. While I was searching for Game of Thrones theme music videos few months back, I stumbled upon the video from the group “The Indian Jam Project”. They pick famous music soundtracks and Indianize it.

My initial thought was that it could be just another band recreating the well-known soundtracks. But this band was amazing. The moment I heard their Game of Thrones theme, I subscribed to their channel and listened to all of their videos – Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock, Game of Thrones: Rains of Castamere. All of them are good. But, my favorite is their tribute to the Interstellar theme.

There is something very soul-stirring about this music. I hadn’t watched Interstellar before listening to this music video. But, the music and the visualization lured me into watching it. And the movie was spectacular. What I love about the music video is how it was able to capture the mood of the movie. There is not a single day in the past month when I did not listen to this. The arrangement and especially the flute, is absolutely brilliant. Each time I listen to this I am transported to elsewhere in the universe. Do follow their channel for some good music. I am looking forward to hear their version of all the other famous themes.

Mad job guys! Kudos to the entire team!

4 thoughts on “Interstellar Tribute: TIJP

  1. You are right, this Music is great. I like the drums more than a flute ( is this instrument still called drums? ) it reminds me the time I was in India, watching sunset at the top of the hill in… Ughh forgot. Somebody played a cd music there that I just adored. I asked them for the title and then of course I forgot it:) so being back to new Delhi few weeks later I asked at the music shop if they had something with a river or a water in a title. They found it, Water down the Ganges. I listened to this cd so many times that it’s all worn up, not able to play anymore 😊

  2. I assuming you are talking about the instrument “Tabla” – the two piece percussion. It is like the spine for the music actually setting up a nice rhythm. And thanks for suggesting “Water down the Ganges”. I have never heard it before. It is beautiful. Youtube rocks!

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