Optimus Prime

Yesterday, I was Dr.Watson. Today I feel like I’m Optimus Prime. Not because I have mighty enemies and I defeat them every single time. Not because I put in my 100% and some more to save Earth. Why then? One simple reason. At the end of each movie, Optimus Prime will broadcast a message into the space without knowing if somebody will ever receive his messages. He leaves the message just hoping that somebody would receive them someday either now or sometime in the future. He doesn’t know who is/are his audience or when they are going to receive the message. It is exactly the same scenario with my blog. I do not know who are my audience, I do not know if somebody is going to see what I post. I just hope that someone stumbles upon it. At least, Optimus Prime knew what he was broadcasting.

This truth dawned on me when I read the assignment topic for Blogging101 today. Identify your audience and post for them. When I thought about it, I realized how selfish I have been, posting just for myself.  I have some friends who are following me and are putting up so long with whatever I have been posting. To them, “Hey guys, please keep putting up with me and  my posts. Cheers“.

There are other people I do not know personally who follow my blog. For them, I would like to take this opportunity and “Thank you for following my blog. I will try and keep this space entertaining, if not useful. Please feel free to leave your footprints everywhere in the comment section – whether you like the post or do not like it. It will help me adjust my path. Cheers!

Now back to what I was doing –

“I’m Optimus Prime and I leave this message to any surviving readers taking refuge among other useful blogs. I am here. I am waiting”



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