Movie: Deadpool

When you slog 10 hours a day working for a week and feel knackered, only few things could help lift up the weekend spirit. One of them is watching a good movie. By good, I don’t mean an intelligent movie with a difficult plot and great acting. I mean a simple, entertaining movie that won’t squeeze out the remaining juice from your brain. That is exactly what Deadpool is about. 

Deadpool is just over one and a half hour long and you feel completely in the moment. It breaks the stereotypes that a superhero must be larger than life personality, clean mouthed and reverent. Deadpool is sprinkled with crude jokes, blood, nonsense and satire. Ryan Reynolds, as Deadpool, has done a terrific job and has made up for what he couldn’t do in Green Lantern. Story telling, some good action scenes with CGI and different camera techniques used wisely stand out.

If you search for a strong story line, you will not find it. The story itself has no value in this movie. It’s a very ordinary plot. If not for the humour, different story telling, bold move to target 18+ people, and the action scenes, this movie would not have cut it.

(Sad part was that in the cinemas that we went to, some dialogues were muted and bloody scenes were edited even though the movie was certified for adult audiences only. I don’t know if that is the work of censor board here in India. There are other movies with worse scenes and dialogues. )

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it was good stressbuster.  I am looking forward to reuse some of the jokes in real conversations and loads of Deadpool memes!  Cheers!

Director: Tim Miller
Writers: Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T J Miller and Stan Lee himself(as Strip Club DJ)



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