Mathematics in the Mythology

Since I’m busy packing for a vacation, I thought I would use this opportunity to reblog one of my earlier posts. I am personally proud of this post for the amount of research(??) and calculations I had to do ( Tip: I ‘m not so good at Math). This is based on some excerpts from Vishnu purana of the Hindus.

Would love to hear your feedbacks. Cheers!

PS: I am going to use this reblog for the event Write Anything Wednesday as part of Blogging101’s Task #13. Clever huh?

Pointless & Prosaic

You know 60 seconds make 1 minute, 60 minutes make 1 hour and 24 hours make 1 day. Seconds, mintues and hours are modern day units of time. What were the units of time before these terms were introduced? Don’t get any ideas. I am not going to investigate what were the terms used but rather going to focus on what is said in the Hindu Mythology.  We do not have a concept of milliseconds or nano seconds here. The minimum named unit is 1 Kashta which is equivalent to 15 eye-winks.(Again, am taking Vishnu purana as a base for these numbers. Bhagavatha describes more minute units like Anus and Paramanus). Now lets start looking at the numbers and the units.

15 twinklings of an eye    –  1 Kashta
30 Kashta                          –  1 Kala
30 Kalas                            –  1 Muhurta
30 Muhurtas        …

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