Thank you – Blogging 101

The timing was perfect when I got an email from WordPress about Blogging101. I was almost desperately looking for something to do other than regular work. I had been posting very sporadically with an interval of eons between two posts. And I had also been writing some very mean publish-unworthy posts. So I decided to enroll for Bloging101 and see what the course had to offer. And then I forgot about it until I saw the email for the task for Day One.

The course has been very helpful in all areas.


Daily Tasks were well planned out. It made me comfortable to talk about myself, to comment in others blog, to actively participate in The Commons and other events and  with technical aspects of blogging. Most importantly it gave a certain amount of confidence that there is always someone out there who may like what you post.


This course provided a great platform to showcase one’s blog. When hundreds of bloggers, pro and novice, take part in the course, you tend to gain some visibility. I did. I got close to 30 new followers in these three weeks. It is not a great number for many but for me it is a very good number considering they are people who don’t know me personally but interested in what I might be blabbering about.  And then there is this Like. Likes and Views have been steadily increasing. Again, not a good number but good enough for me. I think the last time I felt like a child about Likes was when I signed up for Facebook for the first time.


The most valuable thing that I got out of this course is in finding some great bloggers and  connecting with them. It is amazing to see how many people are passionate about writing/blogging.  There are published authors, aspiring writers and just for fun bloggers. But everyone of them were active in reading and providing feedback to one another. Eric even went out of the way and created The Bloggers Meetup site for bloggers to keep in touch. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement and I hope these continue beyond the course period.
(PS:  there was no attempted humour in the last paragraph. I mean it.)


Last but not the least I would like to thank Michelle , Saravanan and Chrissie for their support throughout the course. I have been in a support role before and I know how difficult it is when people ask questions that are important to them but may look like a no-brainer to you. Thanks for being patient.


18 thoughts on “Thank you – Blogging 101

  1. I must say, I’m thankful Blogging101 most of all for you 😉 Before I even read the new assignement, I had already read your new post. It was much easier and quicker 😉
    And – you used Benjamin Disraeli quotation at the end . Benjamin like my son’s name. I must keep this in mind.

  2. I was gonna wait until tomorrow to post the exact same kind of article, a thank you to the community, but you beat me to it :))). It’s the thought that counts and you’re perfectly right. This was such an amazing opportunity to connect, to learn and to experiment. Everyone here was great, we got to meet awesome bloggers and we got exposure ourselves…just great!

  3. True. It was good you get to know so many bloggers. I was not sure if I would have connectivity tomorrow and if The Commons would be active next week. Henceforth the hurry. 🙂

  4. Great post! All of those points ring true to me as well. I am glad you took the course as I was able to find your blog. That is where the Blogging events are great as you find some great blogs you might not have known existed before.

  5. Thank you very much for the nomination, Ioana. I would have gatecrashed this “blogging party” even if there was no invitation. Thanks again for the nomination 🙂

  6. Reading this makes me want to start all over again! To meet great people and get good advice from them sounds so wonderful. I had a family emergency that took me by surprise and I lost track of a few things, so now I’m thinking I should seriously start the course again not just meander around with it. Thanks for that kick in the pants!

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