Inception tribute – TIJP

The smart devices have won the war over tellies and snatched the privilege of enslaving the humans. One of the key aspects through which this was possible was the damn notifications. Notifications were meant to notify but it has rather become a call of duty (No, not the game). There are good, bad and ugly notifications depending on how they make you feel immediately after glancing at them. For example, a notification from work or one about the candy crush invite from a Facebook friend belong to the category that begins with a vowel. There are also good notifactions. One such notification that I always look forward to is about the new YouTube upload of The Indian Jam Project.

This time it’s the tribute to Inception theme -Time. These guys never disappoint. This theme is pleasantly intense. The video has come up nicely as well. The footage from the movie has been used cleverly. Don’t miss what they have done with the building behind the sarangi player. Subtle, so subtle. The regular flautist is not in this video but the new guy is good as well. I think this is my second favourite of their works after Interstellar. Enjoy the music in the link below. I can’t wait for their Lord of the Rings theme. 


8 thoughts on “Inception tribute – TIJP

  1. Yes. I like it in the same order. Interstaller & Inception. It’s magic of Hans Zimmer recreated. Btw, they recently release Coldplay’s Fix you. Go check it out.

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