Silly little thing

We are so busy chasing big dreams that we fail to appreciate small things which make us smile. We need to stop and smell the roses. We should reflect upon finer and more enjoyable aspects of life.

Now that the build-up is over let me come to the point. We have an online forum for our apartments society. Generally, people post updates and complaints. Recently there was a post from a resident who complained about Pet owners. I found one of the replies amusing. I know it is silly but still, it made me laugh. Below is the conversation.

Original Post:

Could the committee please send a personal notice to all Dog owners educating them on the etiquettes / training manuals on how not not to let their pets piss inside the lifts? It is not pleasant when u smell dog pee inside the lifts, they should have that common courtesy as other people use the lifts.


I agree that dog owners should have basic courtesy and ensure their pets are well behaved when in the common areas of the apartment.

We have been in this apartment for more than 3 years now and we have never had this problem before as me and my dog use the stairs all the time. It is important to ensure we as pet owners act responsibly and ensure our pets do not cause health hazards for fellow residents.

Thus, I as a pet owner personally request the owner of pets who are peeing in the lift to act responsibly and ensure they stop using the lift immediately. It is not the pets mistake as they will stop doing this if they are trained well. So please act educated and responsible going forward.


Pic Courtesy: Google Images.

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