Blog Upgrade

There are times when you think long and hard about something and then decide what to do. And then there are those times when you are high on caffeine, take a decision and wonder who made that decision. It was that moment for me today when I decided to upgrade my wordpress blog and buy a domain name. If you haven’t noticed already, what used to be is now

While it’s true that I had thought about buying a domain name in the past, I was never seriously into it as I did not know how much I would blog. Today I was casually going through the admin pages and then the message popped up – domain is available. Suddenly, these express train of thoughts trail-blazed through the neuron tracks in my brain.

  1. I need this domain to monetize through my blog later
  2. If I become famous or a significant person by Lady Luck’s gentle touch, I would need this domain. If it is not available at that time, I may have to shell out more to acquire this domain from the crook who was cunning enough to seal this domain name before me.
  3. Some other person sharing my name could become famous and look for this domain name. I can then sell this domain to him in a good bargain. (Wait. Please read the word Crook as Business Mind in the second point above. We should not judge people. It’s not fair.)

And thus I arrived at decision of buying a domain name in a wink

PS: My bet is on point 3. Fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “Blog Upgrade

  1. Ok, I love you already! I would “like” your blog, but I can’t figure where the hell that button is!! Dang it! I will enjoy our blogs with my coffee each time you post. You write from the heart and you’re real. Thank you for your support on my blog.

  2. Thank you for your comments and follow. Glad you like my style. I had bought the frugal version of your novella. Will read it sometime! Cheers!

  3. Excellent decision. It’s apparently been on your mind. Our subconscious acts on what we think about a lot. Also, I believe all of your listed items have an equal chance of coming true as is. The BIG winner will depend on which you put out into the Universe with the most feeling. Highest and Best!

  4. Thank you. To be honest, yes I wanted to host my own blog someday on This may be the first step towards that. Although I am fully capable of beating the world record for staying on the same step for long 🙂 I will put out the positive into the universe. Cheers

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