When it comes to cine music, I am a fan of slow melodies. Two reasons –  (1) The Music is soothing (2) Most of the slow melody songs seem to have great lyrics. My recent earbug is a song ‘Vaanam Paarthen’ from a Tamil movie ‘Kabali’. The music is soul stirring and the lyric is just beautiful. Here is the song.

Now, I have attempted to translate a song long back and it was poor. I learnt the depth of my talent from that attempt and made a smart  decision of not translating any song. But for this song, I thought I will attempt again. It is more of transliteration than a translation. Please endure the pain of going through this and see if you understand anything. Be aware that this translation doesn’t capture even an ounce of the beauty of the original lyric in Tamil language. The situation in the movie is that protagonist comes back from prison from after 25 years and is desperately searching for his displaced wife.

Flowing like a river,

Kept searching for the ocean everyday;

Won’t the pain of solitude cease?

After the air I breath is gone, is it fair that I live?

An ever-lasting wound,

In my heart coz’ of you!

Never does it heal!

Gazed the sky,

As a familiar star vanished somewhere,

My rock like heart melts away.

Wonder Why, today,

Has she

Gone far away?

Beating on the left side

As the music of the heart,

She was to me;

Wonder where did she go?

As the eye-lids stay afar,

Aching for your lap to sleep on;

Having not seen the rain,

Like the earth questioning the clouds,

I was singing;

I, without you,

Became a shadow seeking the truth.

Far and wide, I see,

Your image, everywhere;

In dreams and memories,

The one who dwells day in day out,

Won’t she walk up to me,

In reality henceforth?

Flowing like a river,

Kept searching for the ocean everyday;

Won’t the pain of solitude cease?

A fish caught up in the hook that I’m,

I don’t desire anymore,

The disappointment of illusions;

Come join hands with me.

4 thoughts on “Earbug

  1. I listened to the song. It’s so soft, and heart felt. Loved your make of it, but even if I hadn’t read it, I would have enjoyed the flow of the song. Nice!

  2. Right reasons, Satagopan, for being a fan of slow melodies in cine music. Great. Thanks. I also enjoyed.

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