How to leave a WhatsApp Group gracefully?

Hello, people! How have you been doing? It’s almost three months since I last posted anything but it feels like an eternity. A lot of things happened, and I will be posting about a lot of them in the next few days. But let’s start with a silly whining, shall we?
Note: The title was just a hook. Don’t expect a hands-on manual. This is not that kind of a blog.

Have you ever been in a situation where you say something to blend in with the group but it backfires? Sometimes, I believe people need to grow a thicker skin. They need tolerance. I don’t, in my right mind, understand why the same people who say a silly joke can’t take one back. It is like a bartering, you say one bad joke, I say one to even it out. Simple.

If there is something that is more lethal than a bio-weapon, it should be the forward messages in the WhatsApp groups. You have been in one, so I don’t have to explain. We have one such group which is the mother repository of all forwards. And the ratio of bad jokes to good jokes is 99:1. So most of the times I get annoyed and just don’t comment. Last week, one of the group members nudged me and said I should be more active in the group. If I was smart, I should have ignored the advice like the thousands of my parent’s advices. In a sudden spark of excitement, I tried to blend in. I decided to reply to few messages to gain the social approval. In my first reply to a message in the group, I managed to piss someone off. Yay! I mean, seriously. My tolerance for bad jokes is so low that I hit back with a worse joke.

This guy forwarded the poorest joke I had read in the recent past. And the last line of the joke was “I died laughing”. I feared that I would reply sarcastically and hurt the sender.So, I decided to keep the reply short. I replied “RIP”. That didn’t go well. I got removed from the group.

I never thought that leaving a WhatApp group, or getting removed I should say, was so easy. I am on a mission to get evicted from the 100 other unwanted groups that I am part of. Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “How to leave a WhatsApp Group gracefully?

  1. By the time I reached ” If I was smart, I should have ignored the advice like the thousands of my parent’s advices” I was convinced that the title was a clickbait but then you made me laugh out loud by the end. I’ll try this some time “P 😀

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