Day one: Why do I write?

Hello, people! I signed up for my third Blogging University Course for this year – Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration. If my manager finds this out, he probably is not going to give me a pay raise this year. Anyway, as part of this course, I will receive emails with prompts for 20 days and I shall post about those here in my blog. Note the word – shall. I don’t have to post it if I don’t want to. I hear you asking why I signed up for this course then. Maybe a sudden burst of excitement? God only knows. Let’s see how long I can keep up with this.

So, the moment I received the email with the topic for the day one, I was instantly happy. The topic was ‘Why I write?’. I was happy because I already have done a similar exercise as part of the previous course. Here are the links:

About Page

Why Am I here?

So, my immediate thought was just to replug those posts and get done with the exercise. But these guys from WordPress know what they are doing. The body of the email stated this:

Why do you write? This is a question you can answer again and again, as your response will evolve over time. You may have already addressed it in a previous blog post. Some bloggers also use this question, and variations of it, to shape their bios and About pages. Why am I here? Who am I? Why do I blog?

Today, tell us: why do you write?

They caught me red-handed. Sigh! Okay, I will shake off my laziness for a moment and write new.

Why do I write?

Writing stretches my imagination. With the newly stretched imagination, I can take revenge on all the people I hate.

Writing makes me feel like I am special. After exploring WordPress community and seeing the number of bloggers, I found out that I am not. Wait. Let me rephrase that. After exploring WordPress community, I found out that there are lots and lots of special people. Win-win.

Writing makes me research new topics. Just kidding. Maybe, for others but not for my writing.

Writing keeps me sane. Absolutely. As you can see, I have been sane for 111 days so far in the past eight years.

Writing gives me validation. I can brag to my friends that I posted something cool in my blog while they are busy sending rockets to Mars.

Writing keeps me grounded. When I try to write something and sit right there blank without a clue, I understand my capability and limits.

Writing improves my vocabulary. This is the truth. I use a lot. You don’t figure that out from my blog? English is the second language for me, all right?

Writing makes me appreciate smaller things. In trying to stuff humor, I tend to observe minute details. If I don’t observe, I make them up.

Writing helped me discover some awesome people. Fellow bloggers, that’s you!

I think I can go on and on. But I don’t want you to get bored on Day 1 itself. So, brace yourselves for the next 20 days!



15 thoughts on “Day one: Why do I write?

  1. Wonderful write up. Write, write go on writing till you exhaust -which will never happen! All the best!

  2. As fine as fine can be; as fine as one can be. You would have read three of my posts on my attending the International Multi Lingual Poets Meet at Vijayawada on 13/14th Nov. Tomorrow I am attending the Flemingo Poetry Festival at Sulurpeta. and in the evening I am being awarded “KAVITHAI NILA. Thanks.

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