The exercise 3 in “Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration” series is a one-word prompt. I must choose one from – Hope, Regret, Home, Choice, Secret, Abundance. The very act of choosing is required for this and thus I decided to write about Choice.

Choice – the only omnipresent thing other than God. You may not have chosen your birth but everything that you do/say after that is a choice. Even though one’s birth may not have been their choice, it is someone else’s choice. You choose every single day and every single minute. To wake up or to snooze, coffee or tea, drive to work or take public transport, to punch someone in the face or in the gut, to be attentive in a meeting or be transported into a different imaginary world, Oreo or Krackjack, Table tennis or carom board, work or YouTube. Every day, we are thrown with options and we constantly choose something.

Choices determine character – Brandon Mull

The most difficult choices are between two good or two bad options. Life is badass. Sometimes, it gives you all the things that you want or none as options. You must choose. When life throws lemons at you can choose to make a lemonade but when life throws bricks at you, you better duck. The right choice is the key.

Vodka is just potatoes that made the right career choices – Anonymous

The very act of choosing is difficult and once you somehow make up your mind and choose one, the next deadly step comes in. Consequence.

Every choice that you make has an end result – Zig Ziglar

Every choice that you make have a consequence and you must live with it. Although, how you react to that consequence is yet another choice.  Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes the reason is that we’re stupid and make bad decisions. So, choose wisely people. Choose wisely! Cheers!

May your choices reflect your Hopes. Not your Fears – Nelson Mandela

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