Another year has passed by and we are in the new year.  The new year brings new hopes, new energy, and new goals.  Many people make new year resolutions and many don’t. I used to make some when I was younger and I invariably broke them within a week.  Where’s the fun in making resolutions if you can’t break them? Then I lost interest and felt silly making resolutions on the new year day. If I really needed a change, I would and should not be waiting for the new year.

Anyway, this new year I was having second thoughts about resolutions. Why not give it a shot this year and see if I can keep up? It was the first day of the new year and I thought long and hard.

10:00 AM (01-Jan, Sunday) – Last year I have been working hard on holidays and some weekends. The job demanded that sometimes. So this year, I need to push back and stop working on weekends. I should focus more on personal health. Let’s make this a resolution. No more work at odd hours, no more work on weekends, no more work on holidays.

12:30 PM (01-Jan, Sunday) – Ding! Email Alert!  “Production Database Server Down”

03:00 AM (02-Jan, Monday) – Ding! Email from US boss! “Thank you, team! For working through the night diligently to resolve the issues over the weekend”

Now, that’s what I call a great start to the new year! Looking forward to the rest of it!


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