Why? Why me?

Hello, people! How have you been? I am back after a while. I am being regularly irregular these days. Life has been on its usual ride – ups and downs. Work has been hectic. Sometimes good work and sometimes just meetings. Actually, the number of meetings that I am part of has exploded exponentially.  It was so annoyingly more that we recently had few meetings to discuss how to stop wasting time in the meetings. Irony!

Last week I was in one of the late night calls. It was scheduled from 10 PM to 12 AM my time. The day was hectic and exhausting already. And this meeting was the icing on the cake. The meeting involved a lot of people from across different geographies. Everybody to talk about some processes. There is this one kind of meeting that I like where a bunch of people join but you are not required to give any inputs. Just mute yourselves and listen to what is being discussed. Or simply teleport yourselves to the neighboring galaxy. Or try telekinesis to move a coffee cup just by focussing intently. This meeting was not that type. This was exactly the opposite. There were many people involved. You have to give some inputs. But you don’t know when you will be asked. So you have to be attentive throughout the session.

About one hour into the meeting, my eyelids were on auto shutdown mode. My turn did not come yet. I was going through so much process improvements and excel sheets that I was mentally exhausted. I didn’t eat enough and I was famished. My telepathy seemed to have been so strong that my wife came into the room with a bowl full of watermelon pieces. Without speaking a word, I expressed my gratitude through my eyes and was staring at the bowl. I was slowly eating one piece at a time and was listening to the discussions. Somebody did a time check and said we have only five minutes more. I was not sure if I was irritated or relieved. Part of me wanted to get this over with on the same day and another part of me begged to end this call.

When somebody started summarizing, I was pretty sure this meeting was going to continue the next day. I mentally switched off. I took a mouthful of watermelon and was listening to the summary. Somebody interrupted and asked everyone if we have 10 more minutes. What? No way. But they reached a consensus to continue. So, I stuffed the remaining pieces in my mouth in frustration. That is exactly when somebody decided to call me out for my inputs. I had a mouthful of watermelon and I was struggling to push some down the throat so that I can speak. I was mumbling.

“Are you there?”


“If you are speaking we cannot hear you. You may be on mute”


“Hello? you still there?”


“I think he dropped off. No problem, we will get his inputs in the next call scheduled for tomorrow. Thank you, everyone, for your valuable inputs”

** Meeting ended **

“Noooooooooo…… I am still here!!!”


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