Believer: TIJP

Tushar Lall’s The Indian Jam Project is awesome. I have posted about them multiple times in the past. They are a group of musicians who take well known International hits and recreate it in Indian classical style.

They don’t post content too fast. They take their time for each video. But it is worth the wait and an ecstasy to the ear. Sometimes, I come to know about the original song only after hearing their tribute. My simple logic is that I love this group’s works and if they are inspired to do a cover for any song that song should also be awesome.

They just released a tribute to Imagine Dragon’s Believer song. I have not heard this song before. I came to know only through their tribute video. Here is The Indian Jam Project’s latest work.

I observed that Tushar Lall has not released this song in their usual youtube channel. They have released it under Corning Gorilla Glass’ channel. I guess they have tied-up with them for a contest for Imagine Dragons’ event in Las Vegas.  One of the major complaint of the fans of TIJP is that they are terribly underrated. They deserve more views and followers. I hope this tie-up gives them the platform and the reach that they deserve.

My favourites from their tributes: Interstellar, Dark Knight, Inception – Time, Harry PotterRequiem for a Dream (using SIRI), Justice LeagueStar Wars, Game of Thrones

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