How to view the list of the books read using Kindle Unlimited

Yesterday, when I had lost myself in the emptiness of the universe,  not knowing who I was or where I was, and completely losing the sense of “my-self”, I was woken up by the alarm piercing through my eardrum. Tuned to the routine, my hand involuntarily moved to turn it off and my mind had already started preparing for the next 10 mins of a blissful power nap. Then, I noticed the red battery indicator on my phone. I had to get up and charge the phone or I risked not getting up on time, forcing my daughter to skip school.  I desperately tried to find a plug point in the surge protector. All the pins were already taken by my other gadgets. I started wondering about the number of gadgets that I own. The mind is a monkey and it jumps from one thought to another. In no time, I found myself questioning if the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription that I had signed up for, is valuable or not. My gut feeling was that it is valuable as both myself and my daughter use Amazon Kindle to read books.

The first step towards checking this was to generate the report of the books that I read from somewhere. I do keep track of the books that I read in Goodreads application. However, my daughter does not do it. I was looking for a way to get the list from Kindle account somehow. It was not very intuitive but I managed to find a way to generate the list.

How to generate a list of books read using Kindle Unlimited

  1. Log on to your Amazon account
  2. At the top right. Go to Accounts & Lists menu
  3. Under Your Account section, click Manage your Content and Devices
  4. The default filters for Showing the list will be Books and All
  5. Change Books to Kindle Unlimited in the “Show” dropdown listed on top left corner of the page
  6. I was expecting that all the books would be displayed when you choose the combination of Kindle Unlimited and All. However, only those books that were currently borrowed were listed. Same was the case for the combination Kindle Unlimited and Read
  7. Choose the combination of Kindle Unlimited and Returned for the filter.
  8. This will list all the books that were borrowed and returned from this account reverse chronological order. Hopefully, you would have read all the books before returning back. There is no way to figure out (at least for me) whether the returned books were read or not.




And voila! You have a list of the books read through Kindle unlimited. Sadly, I was not able to export this list to CSV or spreadsheet.

I knew my daughter reads a lot and I started going through the list for her books expecting somewhere around 40 books. But I was pleasantly shocked. She has read 75 books in 2019 using Kindle Unlimited alone. Add another 20+ for physical books. That’s close to 100 books in one year! Phew! And I boasted a few days back about the 28 books that I read in 2019. You can read about it by clicking here.


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