I was browsing through all the curated content on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Tonnes of content is being churned out on this topic. Everyone, from Wharton university graduate to WhatsApp university graduate, has voiced out his/her opinions, facts, and wild imaginations on this topic. One of the links click-baited me with the title that a novel written 40 years ago had predicted this outbreak. Now, I am all ears for Nostradamus kind of stuff. I took the bait and opened the link. 

The article was describing Dean Koontz’s 1981 novel, The Eye of the Darkness, which mentions a deadly virus called Wuhan-400 being developed in the lab with a 100% kill rate. Out of the three numbers mentioned in the previous line, the one that caught my eye was 1981. I thought, β€˜Hey, the title mentioned the novel was written more than 40 years ago. But 1981 is just a year before I was born’.Β 

And then it hit me on the face.

11 thoughts on “Realization

  1. Robin Cook wrote a lot of outbreak/pandemic type books in the 80’s and 90’s, he is a brilliant suspense author. His novels have had a lot of erie similaritie to things that have come to pass in later years.

    I’ve not read this book you mention but Koontz is a good author so I have no doubt the story hit you where we’re living these days. It’s terrifying.
    Even my kid wants me to buy her respirator masks. And today, our V.P in charge of the handling of the Corona Virus announced the U.S. does not have enough testing kits that would be required. Oh, joy.
    And all this talk of birth years is making my 1973 vintage feel ancient πŸ˜›

  2. Here they recommend masks to those who are infected or have cold and cough. otherwise, instruction is to use a clean hand kerchief among other precautions.

  3. Here we are being told only to avoid crowds of travelers and wash our hand through two verses of “happy birthday”.
    I think my kid just wants to freak out her classmates and make them fear she ‘might’ be infected.
    What? Did anyone really think I was gonna raise her and she’d be normal? LOL

  4. So you aren’t the human weapon. You got late by 1 year. Better luck in next life πŸ˜›
    There’s all kinds of stuff floating around about the novel coronavirus and I’m just surprised with quite a lot of it. The other day I saw Vietnamese guys doing the handwashing dance. UNICEF loved it πŸ˜› And just day before yesterday, I saw these helmets that can predict temperature of people in 5 metre radius.

  5. The comments on your auto sync off turned off while I was replying to your comment :O

  6. Thanks for pointing it out. It was a setting that turns off the comments automatically after 14 days. Have disabled it. You should be able to comment on my older posts now, I hope

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