Dear Dream,

How have you been? Long time. I have been sleeping well lately.

You know what I wrote about chasing dreams. I will keep this one short.

I thought I will take this opportunity to thank you for changing your shift from night to day. Because, Day-dreaming is so much better than nightmares for both health and creativity.

Keep it up and don’t look back.



In response to Letter Writing Challenge

Feature Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash

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12 thoughts on “Letter to Dream

  1. I can attest to how negative nightmares are for daywalking hours, you never feel rested.

  2. I could help but look up what ‘chasing a thief’ dream may mean. I’m sure you must have researched the hell out of it.

    As a young person I had a recurring dream of trying to run away but feeling I was stuck in some mud, unable to move fast. This brought about even more frustration in the dream because in reality I was quite a good 100 metre runner at school. I think my dream is quite common and linked to some type of anxiety.

    “The thief in your dreams may be a fear that you are being taken advantage of, or you are being manipulated. … Feelings that you may have encountered during a thief dream may be: Loss, bound, stealthy, pursuit, fear, manipulated, overwhelmed, robbed”.

  3. Thanks for the research. I didn’t do much of a research because it was so sporadic and I used to think it was an influence of a heist movie that I may have watched. From your description, pursuit stealthy, fear and overwhelmed may have been the cause. These days with an infant at home, I am usually knackered by the time I sleep. So resting well 🙂

    And I used to have that dream as a kid as well. I often catch myself in the dream where I am chasing or running away in full speed, my legs doing the movement but still I will not move an inch. If it’s common, then probably treadmill was born out of a dream

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