The lockdown has forced me to explore uncharted territories. Be it getting comfortable showing my face on video chats or awful attempts at drawing, I am finding myself trying new things even though the outcome generally sucks.

Today I rediscovered the long-lost chef in me. After we hogged kilos worth of biscuits and toasts for snacking, we went out of stock. Our refill will arrive in a day or two. Today being a Saturday, I can’t give an excuse of work or calls and my wife asked me to cook something for her and my daughter. I was in the mood, so I obliged and learnt to make two things today.

Dalgona Coffee

Yes. I gave in and finally tried it. It doesn’t look as impressive as instagram celebs but it did taste decent. But for the record, nothing beats a steaming hot filter coffee. Not even the trending Dalgona coffee.

Dalgona Coffee

Microwave Cooked Fries

Well, it’s not really fries if you have not dunked the potato sticks in the oil and fried it. But I did try to make some on a microwave oven with only a spoon of oil. As expected, it wasn’t as crispy as the McDonald’s fries but it tasted wonderful and was crispy to some extent. We managed to hold our temptations just enough to take a picture. It was gone in 60 seconds.

Tasted good!

8 thoughts on “In the Kitchen

  1. Haha! I can’t resist the fries!
    I think apni jo fenti hui coffe hoti h jisme coffee pehle dalte h vo dlagona se zada h.. 😀

  2. Wooow!! This lockdown is doing wonders i see.. yes!! The dalgona coffee is definitely so overrated and your fries look so yummm ..

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