Lockdown art

I have been sharing some of the cooking attempts that I have been making. And there are few more in the pipeline. I will toot the horn when appropriate.

Today, I thought I will share some of the drawings that my daughter has been attempting during this lockdown. Drawing and colouring is something that she enjoys and it helped her deal with the boredom for the past one month or so.

Enjoy the gallery!

13 thoughts on “Lockdown art

  1. Your girl rocked it, Sada!

    I got my printer working and Spook and I did some coloring pages today. My dragon looks pretty fierce but my ADHD kind of resulted in it having more blank spots than I would like. Oh, well. Goth chick does neon sparkly dragon should be good enough.
    Sad thing is, I think Spook does better coloring inside the lines than I do.

    Thanks for sharing and tell your girl to keep rocking the artwork.

  2. She is just superb! Don’t let her study science or commerce crap!! 😛 In fact, let her try music, dancing, writing and all the creative stuff!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you! You can study other things and still do creative stuff. I would love to have the combination of both but it is all upto her what she wants to do when she grows up. We can just give the platform and exposure to everything that we can now.

  4. Thanks Niki. You cant colour inside the lines? I cant draw a straight line. Who cares.. hehe.. Spook did well on the chalk work. She is good at this.

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