My society WhatsApp group has been very active recently. There was an unusual sense of unity during the first month of the lock down. I am not complaining. I think that when there are more than four people in a group, you tend to get into some form of argument or discussion on any topic. That by itself is not bad. But, sometimes depending on your mood and depending on who is discussing in the group you tend to get irritated and explore that mute setting you have forgotten about. The first few days people were united by the fear of unknown. Then they remained united to make concrete decisions. And then, the frustration of the lock down seeped in and the debates about allowing the maids/servants started. Good and bad come out of the WhatsApp groups. Sometimes you also learn new things like I did last week.

Before the lockdown, I had the habit of going for a morning walk every day. Most of the days when I return I used to cross the same guy from the different floor on the same building. We just used to exchange some smiles and a little nod and move on. Neither I am a “social” person by today’s standards nor he looked like one. It has been like that for about 3 years now. He is an ordinary-looking simple guy going about his work. Probably, he is thinking the same about me.

In the WhatsApp group, amidst the heated discussions, people also share their artworks. One person posted a musical video edited by someone named Sreekanth. This immediately caught my attention because it was about the place Sri Rangam where I stayed for 3 years during my undergraduate days. Sri Rangam is known for its Lord Renganatha Temple which is thronged by devotees all time of the year. I spent 3 years right next to the temple taking part in all the Utsav. I enjoyed those three years because of the temple, the friends I had and the stupid things we used to do. This video coupled with the beautiful yet modern rendition of a classical song about the place brought back so many of my memories. Oh, how I miss this place! He had made and edited this video using his iPhone and all the pictures were taken by him in the span of 5 years. I thanked the group and the person replied to me separately that it was good to know that I have stayed in that place. I looked at the profile picture and voila – It was the same person who I used to just smile and nod at for three years. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

The other thing that I learnt the same week was that this person is a gourmet food and wine aficionado and he has his own blog filled with recipes. And to top it all, he has published three Apple books with his recipes. According to his site, he releases an iBook every year on World Health Day, 07 April (another information I learned). Here is the link to his site. Please do visit and enjoy the recipes. No, he didn’t pay me. He doesn’t know that my blog exists.

Presto Salads

People are quite interesting and they have many hobbies on the side, don’t they? Many times we don’t know anything about our neighbours and one day when we learn something about them, we are amazed. As I think about it, except a few of my colleagues (ex and present) not many people know that I blog. Some people know that I blog but they don’t have the link to my blog. My family has never read anything here. It’s also partly convenient when you don’t have too much of an audience who you know personally – You can write freely whatever you want to without having the fear of being judged based on your hobby. Someday someone will find my link by chance and I hope, if not amazed, at least they will be amused. 

Courtey: Feature Image Photo by Yulissa Tagle on Unsplash

What about you? Do your near and dears follow your blog? Do you have any hobby that not many people know about? 

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16 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I gave my sister a link to my old blog once and it created drama over what she perceived as a slight so when I started wordpress, I kept the link to myself. They know I blog but they consider reading a punishment, so I get to speak freely and they get to remain, um, unpunished.

    I’m good with that.

  2. “No, he didn’t pay me. He doesn’t know that my blog exists.” —– LOL!!
    I have added my blog on my personal resume. It’s even on my LinkedIn profile. Though I know it’s more of a personal blog, I still have it there. Probably coz I want to show off that this is one thing that I own and have treated like a baby.

    A lot of my friends and family know that I blog. But I think not even a handful of them read it regularly. I know of one person (I know in real life) who reads regularly.

    In fact, once I was called into the cabin of the chief editor. There was another senior present. We were having a conversation about my experience at the company. They made an effort to know a lil about my personal life and I told them that I blog. The chief editor asked for the blog link and scrolled down the homepage. And even read a couple of poems. It felt a lil odd at that time coz I didn’t know what they might end up reading (not that I have wrong posted, but . But then yeah, I felt happy that they made an effort to know who I am outside the work environment.

  3. remove “personal” before resume..dont know why i wrote that 😛

  4. haha.. many are not interested in reading posts. It’s just not their cup of tea.
    How have you been doing? Long time. Hope you and Spook are keeping well.

  5. That is good. Since you are a journalist it goes aligned with your job. Otherwise your boss may have asked, you have time for all this but not work 😛

  6. I think you meant to write “I have added my personal blog on my resume”. I did not pay attention to that until you brought it up.

  7. Spook and I are fine, trying to adjust from the cold weather to the rapid change of 90 plus degree heat. Makes us both grumpy.
    Hope all is well with you and yours, try not to be a stranger on community.

  8. Like the post and enjoyed the video, a beautiful temple.
    My better half knows I have a blog but she has probably read 3-4 articles in total. It’s not her cup of chai. My sister will read my posts in a bundle from time to time and comment, she has a busy schedule bless her.
    Some friends have read but I like it personal.

  9. Yes we are all keeping well. The weather has been super hot here and is prepping up for the monsoon season which would last 2 months.

  10. Yes we are all keeping well, thanks! The weather has been super hot here and is prepping up for the monsoon season which would last 2 months.

  11. My wife knows that I blog. She has not read even one. One of my two brothers used to know earlier when we blogged. but he gave up long time ago. We never discuss about these things. Some friends know though. Some do read and ping me separately.

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