Just a throwback rant

Sometimes you perform an action and then totally forget about it. Then, few years down the line you find something that reminds you of that action. It either makes you smile, laugh out loud, cringe or be embarrassed. This action could be anything. Something that you said to somebody who reminds you at the most inopportune time about that incident, some audio or video that you had recorded or some letter that you had written. 

I was clearing some stuff from my home, again, and found a few things so old that they can be called antiques in a few years. My home is like an Akshaya patra for items that were stored away and forgotten. Things keep coming for eternity. Few of them were quite useful actually – for example, an electric cooker from 2003/04 that was given to us by somebody during our fiasco with gas connection in 2009 that became very handy when our pressure cooker gasket had its untimely demise during this lockdown. But only a few. Many were useless and duly found their way out. 

I found one diary in which I had made an entry in exactly one page. I believe I had written this in 2014 or 2015. And as usual, it is a rant about a useless topic. I found it funny in a silly way and showed it to my daughter who had a good laugh. I then decided it to etch this silliness for eternity in my blog also. Here it is.

For the benefit of visually impaired and those who were unable to decipher this ancient writing, this is what it says under the title Just a Rant

 This is a test page. Writing just to see how my handwriting is. I’m writing after nine years The last time when I wrote this much was in University examinations That too, I wrote only half because I was bored. Typing is easier. Much, much easier. If somebody reads this, I don’t know when they can even understand the words. My handwriting has gone from bad to worse. Pity! I used to make fun of my father’s handwriting. But he used to write for his work also unlike me. I typed the whole time. That’s an excuse. Is learning to write better even necessary at this point of time? My mom & teachers used to say ‘If you write once, it is equivalent to reading ten times’. But it is relevant now for work? We have google & stack exchange and even <unrecognized word>. We blog using WordPress or Blogspot or Tumblr. We communicate through SMS or chat or email. The only time I take my pen is when I have to sign a cheque or fill a form. I think I’m ambidextrous. I can write equally bad in both the hands. You won’t tell the difference. I could have been a doctor. Even pharmacist could get confused. On a side note, if doctors’ gave exams in that handwriting how do they even pass? Should I trust them? Elders used to say ‘Your fate is as good as your handwriting’. If so, how do doctors flourish?

 I think whenever I get such random thoughts, I should write it down on a notebook. If not useful for anything at least it will draw some smile/laughs some years down the line. 

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