I have an announcement to make. This lock down has been very cruel to the kids. Unable to meet or play with friends in person, my daughter quickly got bored with the lock down routine. In order to keep her engaged, we tried throwing different activities. So after all the trials and errors, we figured she is interested to write. 

I told her about blogging and showed a couple of my posts to show as examples. She immediately took to a liking to blogs. We brainstormed on what she wanted to write about. She reads a lot of children’s books. I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts that she read a little over 100 books last year. Finally, she decided to write a review of the books that she reads and some essays that she writes for school work. Then, *drumroll*, was born. Please click the image below to visit her site.

I helped her set up the site and help her with the links. But, the content is her own. My hopes are that through this she

  • Enjoys the whole process of writing 
  • Learns the technology 
  • Potentially has an additional skill that can help her when she needs. 

Do visit her site and leave your footprint. 


6 thoughts on “DoReado

  1. You are such an awesome dad! Not all of us were blessed with encouraging parents so good on you and your other half. It counts for a lot when kids are encouraged.

  2. What a great idea! Your daughter is a gifted child, I really enjoyed going through her blog.

    Btw, that link doesn’t seem to work, but I typed in the web address and got there.

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