Celebrate the little moments

The moment I published my last post, What is Failure?, I got a notification from WordPress. It was impossible for someone to like my post that fast. When I read it, I don’t know if WordPress was congratulating me or mocking me.  I got this

For many people who blog, this number is lesser than a warmup. People hit this number in 100 days. I know people who are publishing at least one blog post every day for more than four years.

For me, it took 12 years to reach this number 🙂 I started blogging in 2008 as an exercise to improve my language and thoughts. I don’t know about my thoughts but the language did improve.

Here are some stats about my blog:

I have been dormant for most years except for 2016 and 2020. I took the first blogging university course in 2016 and that was a wonderful experience. Gained a few followers and got to know a lot of bloggers. The daily topics forced me to think differently and also made me interact with other bloggers via comments and likes. I joined a blogging community, Blogging Meetup, where I read even more blogs. I really enjoyed that period blogging away. It was a good stress buster. 

In 2020, it was more of a new-year new-me sentiment. Not knowing what was in store for the world this year,  I started posting again. I joined another community, Blogging Exposure and started interacting with some more awesome bloggers. It went as far as connecting via Zoom.

Apart from getting to know some bloggers, there has been many indirect benefits that I have gained. 

  • I have learnt how to set up my domain, how to host my blog on BlueHost, how to migrate from BlueHost to WordPress hosting
  • I have consumed many online courses/videos/contents on Writing – storytelling, humor, suspense, blogging topics in general, style, publishing. Although I did not follow any of them, I got some good exposure. 
  • I have learnt and explored different money making options like Ads, Affiliate marketing, Guest posting etc. I have not gotten a single dollar yet, but I learnt about all the options. 
  • I recently learnt about SEO. Not an expert yet, but have a decent idea of what this whole thing is about. 
  • I have gained a broad understanding of lot many topics by following other bloggers.

I will stop bragging like I did 20,000 posts. I may have been slower than a tortoise to reach this milestone but I regret nothing. There was, is and will be no pressure. And no two line posts. Or maybe. Can’t commit. 

7 thoughts on “Celebrate the little moments

  1. I made 200 posts this morning, geesh…Ha ha ha. Congrats on the milestone and WOW to all you have done toward honing your blogging skills and interaction. I just lack the energy to go through the flaming hoops even though I fuss about wanting to have more interactions, make money through writing, et al.

    Maybe one day I will get the energy and clarity.

    Until then, I’ll let you keep overachieving as a blogger on my behalf 🙂

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