Hello! I hope you and your family are doing well and are gearing up to welcome 2021 in hopes that things will get better. 2020 has been unique in many ways. Lot of people have lost their jobs, means of living, and/or their dear ones. We were fortunate enough not to have been negatively impacted. Or at least that’s what we thought until October and then 2020 punched us in our face.

I was missing for a couple of months as I was going through a personal loss. I lost my father to pneumonia. It seemed like a post-covid complication but the doctors weren’t sure.

My mom called us on Nov 02 and informed us that my father has been hospitalized due to trouble in breathing. The doctors had hinted to us to come and see him once while not revealing the level of seriousness. We took a flight the next day and travelled from Pune to our village in Tuticorin district. All of us, three brothers and our wives, went and met him at the hospital.  

My father was on oxygen and was breathing with difficulty. But, he was conscious and was signalling us asking why we had come all the way. At that point, I told him that there is nothing to worry about and he will be all fit and fine in a couple of days.  Probably, the greatest lie of my life. Within two hours, his lungs collapsed and he passed away. We were shattered. 

We had a good support system in our village and all our relatives and neighbours helped us through the grief. My father was a chill person. He never used to take much tension and was jovial with almost everyone. People kept reminding us how cordial he was. In order to comfort us, everyone kept saying that we were at least able to meet him while he was conscious. Maybe we were lucky or maybe he lost his confidence and gave up on his fight after seeing all of us in the hospital. Only he will know. 

It has been almost two months since he passed away. There were and there will be many occasions which will keep reminding us of him. I will terribly miss him and his presence.

Rest in peace, Appa!

4 thoughts on “Father

  1. I am so truly sorry for your loss,Sada. I think it is beautiful how everyone came together to help you all through the darkness of loss and grief. It may be small comfort but those small comforts really do count for a lot.
    Especially in this dumpster fire called 2020.

  2. So sorry for you loss, Sadagopan. Your Appa sounds like a wonderful person! I think he was lucky to see all his children before he passed away. He must have been happy to know how much you all loved him. Don’t ever think that might have hastened his death.

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