I am back after going awol for three months from my blog. My last two posts were on the topics of side hustles and money which, interestingly, led to some new followers. Three months is a good time to accomplish many things. Some of you – okay – at least a couple of you may be wondering where I went and probably something terrific or something terrible happened to me. I could have 

  • Finished reading 12 books at the rate of one book per week
  • Completed some professional certifications
  • Self published a book
  • Taken higher responsibility at work and got busier
  • Earned thousands on the side gigs
  • Been bitten by the corona bug and not keeping well
  • Met with an accident
  • Lost my brain

Fortunately or unfortunately none of this happened. It was mostly business as usual with some good time with the family. Some of the accomplishments:

  • Got some 30 new followers thanks to my post on the side hustles. The follower count crossed 200. Yes, you read it right. No, I did not miss a ‘k’ or a ‘0’ after 200. 
  • Binge watched Stranger Things and other series on Netflix. Was well under control for over a year but had to subscribe for my daughters vacation. With Covid-19 happily doing its Mexican waves, the kids don’t really have an option of going down to play
  • Spent more time with the family. Watched mindless comedies which kept the stress away.
  • Accomplished some stuff at work
  • Completed a couple of orders on my gigs and earned enough to buy two coffees. Zero income on affiliate marketing or ad revenue. Do check out my Fiverr profile here.
  • Did some 25 days of 10 minute meditations, thanks to the subscription provided by our employer. 
  • Gained back 2 of the 8 kgs that I had lost due to good eating habits since the pandemic last year.

I had no time is just an excuse. I had no motivation to write. That is the truth.

I have also been thinking about keeping my hobby and professional profiles separate. So, I moved my website to a new address https://prosaic.in . I don’t know why you would do that but If you had bookmarked my earlier site address, please update the address. If you are following this blog through WordPress, probably nothing is required.  If there is a technical glitch and you don’t see my posts, you won’t even notice. Such is my consistency.

I hope you and your family are keeping well amidst this pandemic. Stay Sane. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. 

9 thoughts on “Back after a break

  1. Great to hear from you again Sada. Boo to the sucky things and yay to the good things. Be well,my friend.

  2. Hey Sada. Good to see you back on track.
    And all of your post is so relatable as if you have been writing on my behalf.. I have been suffering from a writers block yet pushing myself to not hit the doldrums with the blocks🤪🤪
    Wow!! your blog is big and good. Impressive

  3. Welcome back! I am in the process of catching up on Posts from others and stumbled upon this one. Glad I caught it so I can update my RSS reader appropriately 😁.

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