The Amazing Road Trip Home

I finished reading the books Chanakya in Daily Life followed by the Tamil thriller Chidambara Ragasiyam this year and started reading Hyper Focus by Chris Bailey. I was well over the 50% mark and then the bomb dropped. I was casually checking my WordPress Reader feed and stumbled on this blog post: My Book Release

Our own fellow blogger and a friend, Apinder Sahni aka Potato Sandwich has published his first book. I knew he was writing a book about two brothers’ travels but did not know when it was coming out. It was a pleasant surprise that instantly made me happy. I immediately de-prioritized the current book and moved my focus from HyperFocus to The Amazing Road Trip Home – England to India with Strangers. 

The book is well written in a casual tone that people like me can follow easily. I was hooked after the initial few pages and once the road trip started it was a page turner. The descriptions were very vivid and sometimes I felt like I was part of the journey. I also liked the way the chapters moved back and forth in timelines. I felt the book could have ended after the road trip but the parts after that establish how the brothers fared in life and gave credit to the family who supported them throughout. Adding the photographs of the people and the places involved at the end of the book was a nice touch. My takeaways from this book are how you don’t need to change to be accepted and staying true to your original self is good and how you can get great learning and memories only if you are willing to take calculated risks.


Congratulations on publishing your first book. An easy and a feel good read. Many people dream and only few put down the effort and see it to completion. Keep it up and here’s wishing you a many more releases! Cheers mate!

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