On recruitment, ethics and moonlighting

“Yes, Tom. Tell me”, he spoke fast on the phone.

“Wanted to talk about this candidate. He is an immediate joiner. Can you increase the CTC by a couple of lakhs to ensure that he will join and not shop for an offer?”

“Tom, we can’t do that. Candidates shopping for an offer after they already have one is highly unethical. Company spends so much time and resources in rolling out offer to these candidates and they just go to another company at the last minute”

“Are the candidates only at fault here? Why do the companies one-up the offer that the candidates already have? We do propaganda on LinkedIn that the candidates are unethical but we need to look in the mirror too. We rolled out your company’s offer in the past to the candidates on a Sunday so that they cannot negotiate and join on Monday. Didn’t we?”

“That’s business, Tom. As a VP, I have goals to meet and we have to be smart in the given market conditions.”

“So, can we increase the CTC of this candidate so that he will join your org 100%”

“No. This candidate is not worth it. I am already giving him a good offer for what he is worth. The candidate is being greedy. One who is greedy will not be a good fit to the organization. They have to show some values. Also, he did not have energy. I want people who have intrepreneurship spirit. They will get things done”

“Okay, then we will have to wait and hope that he joins. I cannot guarantee that he will join your org”

“As a recruitment partner, it is your responsibility to convince the candidate. Sell the organization as much as you can. Sell the onsite opportunities. Sell the work life balance. Sell that they can work from home one day a week.”

“Ok, I will try my best. Talk to you later then”

“By the way, Tom. I forgot to ask. For the last few candidates who joined, when are you giving my share?”

“Yes, about that. 15% of what we get is a huge amount. We will not be able to sustain this model. Can you reduce the percentage?”

“Tom, that was not our agreement. You don’t know how many strings I had to pull to give this contract to your company.”

“Ok fine. Your HR head is also asking for a cutback. You guys are really eating into my profit. I could very well give this % to my employees and they will be more than happy because they work really hard. Anyway, your company is yet to settle the invoices for the previous candidates. Once they do, I will settle yours” 

 “I need to purchase some stuff for my home urgently. I will send the list. You can buy them and have them delivered to my place. It’s a bit urgent. Can you pay me in advance?”

“I am already running on a shoe-string budget. Sorry, it’s not possible to open a credit line. You will have to push your org to settle my invoices faster”

“Ok, I will do it.  And one more thing. The other candidate who we interviewed yesterday also has a YouTube channel.  This guy will be moonlighting. That will reflect in his work and his productivity will go down. I don’t want to proceed with him”

“But, this is very common in the current Gig economy. Internet has really opened up opportunities for everyone to make money. I think people are managing that well. And there is no law against it unless you have explicit company policy”

“Not everyone can manage. I don’t want to hire people and then fire them for non-performance. That will be a headache. Let’s skip this candidate”

“Ok fine. Will inform the team. And we were supposed to meet Harry tomorrow. Can I schedule a meeting tomorrow evening between the three of us?”

“Tomorrow is not possible for me. You remember the startup that I run on the side? I have an important client meeting regarding a new project. Let’s meet the day after”

“Ok great. Seems like your startup is doing well”

“Yes. I managed to spend a little extra time this quarter and that really helped. I have prepared very well for tomorrow’s meeting. The investors should never forget my name after that”

“Sure, Dick. I am sure that they will not forget your name”

—- Based on a True Story

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