Meeting notes and a life lesson

Imagine you are getting rid of your old jeans or shirt that you have not used for a while. You are checking the pockets just to be sure that there is nothing. You then magically find a thousand bucks stashed in one of the pockets. Even though you might have millions in your bank account, … Continue reading Meeting notes and a life lesson

Why do we need an introduction?

“Thank you for the introduction” - the speaker began his speech with these five words with a smile and everyone in the room bursted out laughing. All the organiser did was to begin the meeting by saying “Alright. I hand it over to the speaker now”.  Like a ruminant animal, I started chewing the cud … Continue reading Why do we need an introduction?

Google Family Link and How to reactivate your child’s Gmail Account

There was a time when the wedding date used to be fixed based on the date dictated by an almanac, when the stars of the bride and the groom were aligned well. Then a few decades earlier, the trend changed. One had two or three different options for the wedding date. The final deciding factor … Continue reading Google Family Link and How to reactivate your child’s Gmail Account

Been there, Run that!

After a lot of self-debate, I gave in to the pressure and signed up for a half-marathon which will happen in two months. 3 years ago, when I was fitter and lighter, I completed a 21K and wrote (read: cribbed) about my experience in the post below. Now, I am 3 years older and 5 kgs heavier and I haven’t run in a long time. I do not know if I will be able to complete the run this time but I am pretty confident I will have one hell of a story to tell after the event. Fingers and toes crossed.

Pointless & Prosaic

I had signed up for half marathon mainly due to peer pressure. My previous long running experience was when I ran a 10k race couple of years back, out of interest. I thought of signing up for 10k this time as well but I got carried away by peers pushing me for 21k.  We managed to convince our employer to pay for the event and tick off the CSR objective. My practice run started 8 weeks before the event and ended 6 weeks before the event.  To say that I was not prepared to run is a gross understatement. I was up against the odds in an event that I don’t fancy much.  I managed to complete the run, somehow. This post is just an account of what raced through my head before, during and after the run. Feel free to click on the little ‘x’ mark on the window if you are…

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