The links in the list below are the ones that I frequently visit. A blogroll widget might look ugly for I have a long list of links. Hence, a page!

Close Circle

Family, Folks and Friends come first! Some of them are not updated but still has some good information.

S.No Name Blog
1 Aravindan Quest for solutions
2 Subhashree The Solitary Dreamer
3 Sravan My Ink Drops
4 Divya The Third Face
5 Narasimha Gnanakshi
6 Pattu My Adda
7 Ashish We the software people


Next is my favourite category. Sarcasm/humour. (These have regional references)

S.No Name Blog
1 Sarcasan Poda Zone
2 Local Tea Party The local tea party
3 Silverine Silverine
4 Sidin Vadukut Domain Maximus

Regular Dose Of Inspiration

Next comes the list of regular sites that I visit for some inspiration now and then.

S.No Name Blog
1 Leo Zenhabits
2 Dumb Little Man Dumb Little Man
3 Brett McKay Art of Manliness 
(Only the name is corny. The content is actually good)
4 Mary Jacksh Good life Zen

Recently Following

Finally, the list of new bloggers that I started following and that I find interesting and I think I will be going back and checking frequently

S.No Name Blog
1 Amy Morris Jones Amy Morris Jones
2 NV Subbaraman Envius Thoughts
3 GeorgieMoon Third Time Lucky
4 Andy Spinning Head
5 Eric Walker Still Thinking
6 Ioana Music Teacher Lifestyle
7 Jason Bucky Roberts Nerdy Life of Mine
8 Suraj Perpetual Change