How to delete yourself from the internet?

Did I click bait you? That's how I felt when the "Pocket" recommendation in my Firefox read "6 ways to Delete Yourself from the internet". I clicked it immediately with confidence that one of the tips would be remove yourself from the unwanted subscriptions. The sub-heading was even more promising - "You’ll never be able … Continue reading How to delete yourself from the internet?

On Learning Methods

Two years ago, I was googling for iPad recommendations. Then magically I started seeing all the iPad related videos on my YouTube feed. One such recommendation was Ali Abdaal's YouTube channel. I liked the style and delivery and was stalking his contents. That’s how I stumbled across his videos on Active Recall and Spaced repetition … Continue reading On Learning Methods

How much did I make from side-hustles in 2021?

At the beginning of this year, I wrote Can you earn money from Side Hustles based on my experience experiments in 2020. This post seemed to have been interesting for a lot of people and was single-handedly responsible for the likes, views and follower count increase this year. I set a lofty goal of $1000 … Continue reading How much did I make from side-hustles in 2021?


I have had a love-hate relationship with advertisements. A couple of decades ago, I used to dream of becoming an ad-film maker as I thought it was creative. More importantly, I thought I was creative. Lies you tell yourselves! I enrolled for a diploma in advertising that I never finished. Then during the college days, … Continue reading Ad-free