A Foyer Where Squirrels Play

Anilaadum Mundril - loosely translated as A Foyer Where Squirrels Play - is a wonderful trip down the memory lane. Especially, if you grew up in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is a wonderful book on relationships written by the late Tamil lyricist, Na. Muthukumar. I have always liked Na. Muthukumar for his poetic … Continue reading A Foyer Where Squirrels Play

Cold Shower Challenge

Google “Cold Shower” and you will get one full page of posts with “Benefits of cold showers”. In the last couple of years, I came across “Cold Shower Challenge” primarily through two lenses:  As a habit-building 30 days challengesAs a tool to embrace discomfort in the path of stoicism Backstory Cold Shower is not new … Continue reading Cold Shower Challenge

What it takes to be free?

I completed reading my second book of the year only today. Today is India’s Independence day and it was a coincidence that I finished reading this book by Darius Foroux today. No, this is not about any of the nations’ independence in anyway. It is all about personal freedom. What it means to be free? … Continue reading What it takes to be free?