How much do you spend on ordering food?

I had a random thought when I was in my usual how-can-i-get-my-life-sorted mode the other day. How much have I really spent on ordering food on Zomato so far? I signed up for Zomato in 2015 and probably started ordering frequently from 2017 when my wife and kid were away in the US for about … Continue reading How much do you spend on ordering food?

Book: Hindu Rites and Rituals

I recently read the book - Hindu Rites and Rituals- Origins and Meaning by K.V Singh.  The book had decent ratings on Amazon and a nice attractive Saffron cover. I expected a lot of scientific reasoning behind the hundreds, if not thousands, of the rituals that we have in Hinduism.  I had mixed feelings about … Continue reading Book: Hindu Rites and Rituals

On recruitment, ethics and moonlighting

“Yes, Tom. Tell me”, he spoke fast on the phone. “Wanted to talk about this candidate. He is an immediate joiner. Can you increase the CTC by a couple of lakhs to ensure that he will join and not shop for an offer?” “Tom, we can’t do that. Candidates shopping for an offer after they … Continue reading On recruitment, ethics and moonlighting

How I improved my sleep?

Have you ever worried that you are not getting enough sleep and researched online for ways to improve your sleep hours and the quality of your sleep? It all started when a well-meaning family member gave me a fitbit. The first version was simply a pedometer. Then it started adding a lot of functionalities. One … Continue reading How I improved my sleep?

Dopamine Nation & Thinking Straight

I hopped on to the digital minimalism wagon once again. This time I am finding myself a little bit more serious at it than the previous attempts. I’m seriously considering switching to a feature phone but WhatsApp is the last cord. I cannot quite get rid of it just yet due to various reasons. (Excuses, … Continue reading Dopamine Nation & Thinking Straight